Thought Leadership

Boyd Cohen, has an active research agenda with several co-authored projects, many with his frequent coauthor, Pablo Muñoz (from the University of Leeds, Sustainable Research Institute) as well as projects with other co-authors.

The research streams directly tied to our work with UrbanInnova are best summed up by the diagram on the left

Urban Entrepreneurship


  • The Rise of the Urban Entrepreneur (2016), which introduced the Urbanpreneur Spiral
  • Urban Entrerpeneurship in California Management Review (applied research based on interviews of civic entrepreneurs)
  • Urban Entrepreneurship Theory in Organization & Environment

Sharing Startups and Sharing Cities


  • Sharing Cities and Sustainable Consumption & Production in the Journal of Cleaner Production (we analyzed 18 sharing activities in cities which can make cities more sustainable)
  • Shared Mobilitiy in Cities published by Boyd Cohen and Jan Kietzmann in Organization & Environment (won Schneider Electric Paper Award for best impact on practice)
  • Sharing Business Models Compass

Smart Cities

Sharing Compass_Cohen_Munoz

  • In 2012, Boyd developed the Smart Cities Wheel which has been subsequently translated into numerous languages includingSpanish,Swedish,French and Hebrew among others.


  • In 2014, with the help of global experts in the smart cities community, we increased the number of indicators used to benchmark smart cities from 28 to 64
  • Aside from our own research several masters and doctoral students have leveraged this work for their thesis research.
  • The Smart Cities Wheel, included here, is yes, another circular diagram. We apparently have an affinity for that shape.
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