Boyd Cohen, Ph.D.


Boyd obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Colorado (Boulder) in Strategy & Entrepreneurship. Since then he has lived and worked in Madrid, Vancouver, Buenos Aires, Santiago and now Barcelona where he is a joint professor at EADA Business School and the Universitat de Vic where he teaches design thinking, entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability. His expertise is in the areas of smart cities, sharing cities, urban innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability. He is our lead consultant and researcher and is a regular keynote speaker at events around the globe. His research has been published in top academic journals such as the Journal of Business Venturing, Strategic Management Journal and Technovation. He also was the lead guest editor of a California Management Review special issue dedicated to cities as a platform for open innovation. Cohen developed the Smart Cities Wheel, and with Pablo Muñoz, recently released the Sharing Business Model Compass. He is a regular contributor to Fast Company and Shareable He co-authored Climate Capitalism in 2011 and published The Emergence of the Urban Entrepreneur in 2016 with the assistance of Pablo Muñoz and a foreward by the famed urbanist, Richard Florida.

Rob Adams

Rob Adams founded the design and innovation consultancy, Six Fingers, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, ten years ago where he leads a team of more than a dozen innovation specialists in co-creating renewal projects for clients across dozens of different industries. Rob is the author of four books, his recent, Versus, is based on his insights leading disruptive innovation projects with six fingers over the past decade. Rob, and his team, are now collaborating with UrbanInnova on innovation projects in The Netherlands, Spain and elsewhere.

Elizabeth Obediente, MS.C.


Elizabeth has more than 15 years of experience as an energy-sector engineer, first in petroleum and gas, and later with renewables and energy efficiency.  She has deep expertise in conducting technical and financial feasibility of new projects and has participated in several of Urban Innova’s smart cities research and consulting projects.  Elizabeth has an undergraduate degree in petroleum engineering, a Master’s in geology and is currently finishing her Executive MBA at EADA Business School in Barcelona.