Recent Projects

UrbanInnova is a small dedicated team focused on high impact research, speaking and innovation consulting to cities, large and small, non-profits and entrepreneurs focused on innovation, sustainability and inclusion in urban environments. After partnering with Six Fingers, we decided to pivot our services model to focus more on action than consulting reports.  So UrbanInnova, now develops strategies, products and services based on the pain of users and citizens and insights from diverse sectors. By doing instead of talking. Urban Innova, however remains focused on sustainable and urban innovation in areas such as the sharing economy, smart cities and the circular economy. Some of our prior projects are summarized below:

Smart Cities Advisory Services, Client: Ministerio de Modernizacion, Buenos Aires, Argentina

We were hired to provide consulting services for a 1-year project focused on advising the Minister and his staff regarding their early efforts to consolidate the smart city activities occurring in the city across the different departments and to help build a baseline to understand their current progress and develop a method for prioritizing new projects.

Smart Mobile City Indicators, Client: GSMA

We were hired to develop a set of preliminary indicators to be used by cities, telecom operators and others in the smart cities arena interested in promoting the adoption of smart mobile telecom systems, applications and mobile startup ecosystems in urban environments.