Recent Projects

UrbanInnova is a small dedicated team focused on high impact research, speaking and innovation consulting to cities, large and small, non-profits and entrepreneurs focused on innovation, sustainability and inclusion in urban environments. After partnering with Six Fingers, we decided to pivot our services model to focus more on action than consulting reports.  So UrbanInnova, now develops strategies, products and services based on the pain of users and citizens and insights from diverse sectors. By doing instead of talking. Urban Innova, however remains focused on sustainable and urban innovation in areas such as the sharing economy, smart cities and the circular economy. Some of our prior projects are summarized below:

RM Santiago Smart Cities Strategy

We were invited to join an RFP to assist the Metropolitan Region of Santiago (RM Santiago) in Chile advance its strategy to become a leading smart city in Latin America. This entailed a collaboration with PMG Consulting in the analysis of previously identified barriers for the region as well as support in the development of a strategic plan for achieving a smarter city with a particular focus on smart mobility, smart environment and safety.

Mobile Indicators and Social Impact-City of Barcelona

UrbanInnova was hired by Pilar Conesa and her consultancy, Anteverti to assist with a project for the Ayuntamiento of Barcelona that ranged from identifying indicators for smart mobile government services to identifying emerging practices around the globe for bottom-up social innovation in smart cities project.

Smart Highway Research, Client: Universidad del Desarrollo, School of Arquitecture, Chile

We were hired to conduct research on emerging trends in smart highway systems. The result of this research was a chapter, co-authored by Elizabeth Obediente and Boyd Cohen, in a forthcoming book about the Costanera Highway in Santiago, Chile.

Smart Cities Benchamarking, Client: Fundacion Pais Digital, Chile

We were hired to conduct research-leveraging Boyd Cohen’s smart city wheel and indicator set-to benchmark the 11 largest cities in Chile. The results of this research were published in a report (in Spanish) for the client, Fundacion Pais Digital and presented at an annual conference in Santiago.